The inglenook layout is collecting dirt so I decided to build a display box and install a realistic backdrop.

The display box with backdrop.

 N scale inglenook The display box is also made outoff 3 mm exteriour grade plywood. I stuck the panels together using wide painters tape. Than glued them together on the inside using epoxy filaments. This way I get strong connections between the panels and round internal edges. In one of the edges I glued an electrical wire which runs towards the front. This wire is used to power the LED strip which I stuck in front with double sided tape. The internal is painted with primer and a bit of blue paint mixed into the primer. Primer has a nice matt chalky finish. The outside is painted matt black.

After a lot of browsing on the internet I found matching pictures for the type of buildings and a backdrop which would fit the rest of the layout. These were printed on A4 matt photo paper and cut out to the required shape. When looking at the effect it turned out that some of the fields were to light (yellow), so the field were painted green with a deluted dark green. Also the village roof tops were bright red. Those were toned down with amber.

After installing it looked like this. Note that the right side of the layout is not done yet since another building needs to be made to fill this corner. Thefore the backdrop is not made for this part.

For future enhancing the layout with a fiddle yard a tunnel exit is cut into the showcase.

 N scale inglenook Here you can see the effect of a backdrop on the left side of the layout. The corner is shown more on the photo than in real life.

This photo give you a look into the backstreet which is enhanced with a couple of backdrop buildings.

 N scale inglenook Here an overview of the village with the village backdrop.

In the last picture note the difference it makes with painted and weathered cars.

 N scale inglenook

 N scale inglenook Another industrial building is added to the layout to fill the empty corner. It is based on a photo of a building I made. The complete building is available for download in scale N. The concrete structure of the building is made using 0,5 and 1 mm grey card.

Part 1 N scale Inglenook
Part 3 addig nature