This chapter describes the further work on the backdrop and adding trees and bushes.

Adding a bit of nature

 N scale inglenook

 N scale inglenook This is the base of the tree. Its made of electrical copper wires wirewound into the tree shape. White glue was added to the tree on which fine sawdust was sprinkled. Then a layer of brown spraypaint and some acrylic paint for a more natural effect. The leafs are made with woodland scenics foliage medium green and for the birch with anita decor super foliage

 N scale inglenook This photo shows the bushes, oak tree and ground coverage added to the layout. The bushes are made off woodland scenics foliage and sea foam. Also a little carport was added to the shed.

 N scale inglenook This photo shows the finished birch tree next to the small factory building and gives an impression of the effect of the backdrop. To better adapt the backdrop to the factory scene a few factory photos are added to the backdrop.

Part 1 N scale Inglenook
Part 2 Showcase and backdrop