This section will describe the making of the axle boxes.

Making of the axel boxes.

axle box This picture shows an actual axle box (journal box) on a wagon similar to the wagon to build.

axle box As mentioned in part 2, the actual steel bearing block will be finished with a dummy axle box. To model the dummy box a paper template was developped first.

axle box from the paper template a card board model was made which was impregnated with Epoxy (West System Epoxy) for rigidity.

axle box The cardboard model was painted with a synthetic paint and lightly greased. Then a natural liquid rubber was painted over the cardboard mold. In stead of liquid rubber you can also use a silicon product. This will form the negative mold. The grease will enable the mold to be removed from the cardboard model.

axle box Here the epoxy parts coming out of the mold can be seen.

axle box The axle box is glued to the bearing block using epoxy.

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