2cv purchased For a long period of time I am interrested in the 2CV because of its looks and technical concept. I ones almost gave up my CX I owned at that time for a recent 2CV. I looked around a couple of years to see what I could buy for my money but a 2CV was not a sensible car to own at that time. Times changed and I saw a pre 1961 model (with the distinctive hood, this was a prerequisite) which looked reasonable. I had another look and decided to buy it (by the way I had no idea where to look at since I had never seen one in much detail before). You probably already guess, it was not as good as it looked at first site. Forthermore it was far from original it turned out. For instance an electrical whiper was installed, wrong type of rear lights, it did have two paint resprays, but none in the correct colour and a 18 Horse power engine was installed (I did get the 12 HP along in the buy), the seat covers had the wrong colour, onto the innerside of the body a sort of jeans texture was glued, the front panels of the doors were not correct, the left front door was not the original one and a long list of other imperfections had to be tackled. So a plan (other than making it mechanically perfect) had to be made and a goal had to be set for finishing the project (I know myself). The plan made was the following;

2cv purchased

The work on the body and on the chassis will not be so strickly seperated. This looks simple and it is relatively simple on a 2CV but time to work on the car is limited.

A view on the 'dashboard' and the 'engine compartment'

2cv dashboard 2cv engine