The Citroën DS was produced during 20 years (1955-1975). When the DS (French for goddess) was released in 1955 people thought it came from space due to it's very different shape, materials and advanced technology. Over the years a lot of changes were introduced. The changes were applied to provide stronger engines and more reliable hydropneumatics. Also the design of the DS cars changed considerably over the years.

Starting 1957 until the end of production a simpler version of the DS was available called the ID. In 1959 the Break version completed the range of available versions. Although people were never very enthousiastic about the DS performance it had a suberb comfort for it's passengers and a remarkable roadholding due to the hydropneumatic suspension.

This home page is dedicated to the Citroën ID/DS. The ID and DS may be surpassed by modern engine technology and car design, but for a car produced from 1955 to 1975 it, in my opinion, has unsurpassed looks and technology. During the past ten years I gathered some information about the technical part of the ID and DS. I used to make little reference sheets for my own use during these years and tried materials and used different repair techniques. This home page will supply (I hope) a source of information for other enthusiasts.

DS 1961

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