The Citroën 2CV was produced for over 40 years. During this time it was appreciated by a large group of owners for it's practically combined with affordability. The 2CV combined a light construction with a reliable simple engine and unconventional spring suspension. For these reasons the car was economic to run and maintain, comfortable and with ample room to carry four persons as well as their luggage. This section of the site takes you through the steps I carried out to preserve a French 1960 AZL 2CV.

The Citroën 2CV was introduced at the 1948 Paris motor show. Production started in 1949 and stopped in 1990. During its 40 years of production numerous changes were made to a diversity of components to increase production efficiency, to improve the performance of the car as well as add modern features to the car. During its production time the general design of the car remained the same and although disliked by some it was adored by others. Nowadays the Citroën 2CV can be found in a museum as an example of a very functional design.

My interest in the 2CV started in the 80's with the 2CV6. However I learned to appreciate the basic 2CV (AZ type) which has still all the original design features of the earliest 2CVs.

Citroën 2CV

My Citroën 2CV restoration:

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