18-JUL-2014 Description of a DIY hydraulic hose flairing tool
09-AUG-2010 Updated the maintenance weblog section
10-OCT-2007 Started with a maintenance weblog section
13-DEC-2006 Started using templates for the site
28-FEB-2006 Renewed the look and feel of the site with CSS
23-FEB-2005 Included pictures of the inside of hydraulic components
07-MAR-2004 Cleaning the HY engine and Adjusting the HY front brakes.
06-MAR-2004 Page with information on early breaks and a page showing a break Confort from model year 1960.
14-AUG-2002 Purchase of my HY and welding in the tank area.
15-JUL-2002 Start of the HY section
16-FEB-2002 Benchtop workshop press
23-JAN-2002 High pressure pump overhaul
17-NOV-2001 Citroën H0 garage scene
10-NOV-2001 ID/DS Sill welding and a detailed drawing of the repair section and home-made dolly
22-AUG-2000 Sphere tester and Sphere testing update.
22-AUG-2000 DS Suspension how does it work update.
12-DEC-1998 Chapter 9 of the 2CV restoration, mounting the engine in the car.
12-DEC-1998 Chapter 8 of the 2CV restoration, working on the engine.
06-NOV-1998 Chapter 7 of the 2CV restauration, mounting the body shell and removed DS accessoire page.
30-AUG-1998 Chapter 6 of the 2CV restauration, painting the body shell.
12-AUG-1998 Chapter 5 of the 2CV restauration, the welding on the body shell.
05-FEB-1998 Chapter 4 of the 2CV restoration was completed describing the chassis re-assembly.
20-SEP-1997 Updated 2cv main page, and DS how does it work section on hydraulics.
23-JUL-1997 started with the how does it work pages.
4-JUL-1997 updated the DS history pages.
3-JUL-1997 Started giving the site an over-all facelift and finished the 2CV restoration chapter 3.
19-NOV-1996 Removed info on ID/DS Autumn classic car show and inserted Club Information of 2CV and ID/DS.
12-MAY-1996 Turned the garage into a clickable image and produced the Site map.