ID19F In the dashboard displayed here (model year 1960) you also see an for the time expensive accessoire being a radio console. The vacuum tubes are mounted under the dash.

The interior of the break confort version was equal to the ID/DS interiors, also using some of the same fabrics. The rear bench is mounted on a fixed cross member. Due to the fact the rear seats can not be folded away this type of break was probably less popular because of the inflexible loading space.

ID19F The break was the first ID/DS with a 12 volts electric circuit. The hydraulics are very similar with the simplified hydraulics used in the ID variants, however the braking system of the DS was used. Also changes ware made to the rear brake drums and rear syspension cylinders to anticipate for the higher loads. 2 electrical fuses are installed.

ID19F The chassis of the displayed car is black in stead of the general applied grey (gris rosé). The roof has a two tone colour scheme, the edges are grey (gris rosé) and the midde section is black (in contrast with the normally applied gris palombe. The rear window was made of plexiglass. The car does not have the aluminimum wheel caps mounted yet.