2cv body with engine

In order to install the engine in a controlled way I used an engine hoist, which give you a lot of control with lowering the engine onto the chassis. I figured that this would be handy because when you lower the engine you need to take care that at the same time the handbrake cables are inserted in the corresponding tubes in the chassis as well as lowering it correctly on the engine supports and keeping the exhaust clear of the chassis.

All went well and then a lot of the additional wiring had to be installed to make it operational.

The exhaust was fixed in its final position and the flexible brake piping was installed to connect the main brake cylinder with the front brake cylinders.

With all the bits and pieces in place it was time to poor some petrol in the tank. I mounted an additional fuel filter because you never know what dirt is coming out off a 39 year old fuel tank. I moved the lever on the fuel pump several times to see the petrol fill the filter and enter the carburetor.

2cv body with engine

Then the big moment appeared, would it work? I installed the 6V accu and after adjusting the ignition and valves I gave it a try. The engine started turning, I could see the petrol building up in the petrol filter and it started running with this typical 2CV sound. This was quite an experience. I did adjust the carburetor to get a proper idling car, which also reacted promptly when pushing the pedal.

After this I started with getting the air out off all the break pipes and cylinders and then I saw one rear brake cylinder was leaking. I checked it and it turned out the cylinder itself was cracked. I installed a new cylinder and this solved the problem.

The headlamps were mounted onto the frame. I installed new wiring because the old wiring (with cotton and rubber) had disintegrated completely leaving the bare copper visible. This wiring was connected and the lights checked. When I purchased the car the one 6V and a 12V headlight was mounted. I changed this to 6Volts headlights with the parking lights behind the main light bulb. With this system the red plastic indicators on top of the headlamps lid up when the lights are switched on.

The car started to look like a car again.

The next steps would be the rest of the body work and interior.