folder break 1 The ID 19F Break was introduced at the Paris Salon of 1959 (in October 1958). After the Paris Salon of 1960 (October 1959) the Break was sold to the public. On the left side one of the first (dutch) folders describing the break.

The Break was different in a number of aspects compared to the ID, rear suspension and rear breaks, breaking circuit, reenforced chassis, different differential, new 'plastic'duarable fabrics for the seats, 165x400 tyres on all 4 wheels.

folder break 2 The break had a very usable storage space with the rear seat folded away this totaled 211 Cm x 97cm (even excluding the rear panel of another 36cm).

folder break 3 The break could be ordered in a number of variants;

As can be seen on the official colour card it shows that there was a very limited choice in colours initially for the break variant. Also note that the chassis was painted in the colour of the body. This was later changed to a uniform grey chassis independant of the color of the bodywork.

instruction break The dashboard is very similar to the dashboard of the ID variants. The break does already have a direction indicator on the steering assembly (6) in stead of the central section of the dashboard. The picture on the left is the central page of the instruction manual.

photo break 1 This publicity picture shows a break luxe with the rear bench folded away. The front has a bench also instead of two separate seats. Note the different back lights (glas and holding ring) compared to the later models.

photo break 2 This picture shows the break confort variant with the fixed rear bench. The cross member holding the bench is clearly visible. The back of the bench is made of the same material as glued to the wheel arches. The plate below the cross member does also have a different shape from the plates used with a foldable rear bench.