The following list details the wheel rims and tyres used on ID/DS during the years and their characteristics.

Wheel rim characteristics

Various types of rims were used on the ID/DS through the years.

NOTE: A 155-HR-15 is not suitable to be mounted (officially) on a 5.5" wide wheel. Also Michelin does not recommend this for there 165-HR-15 tyre.

NOTE: As can be seen from the diameters, mounting a different size tyre on the front wheels than originally mounted will result in a difference on the speedometer.

Sizes       Diam    Width
155-HR-15   638     155
165-HR-15   650     160
180-HR-15   680     175
185-HR-15   676     181
Measures in mm

Source: Michelin catalog; Tyres for Classic and Historic cars.

Which tyres on which model?

The following is a list off models and the tyres used in the different production years.

Model                   Year off        Tyre used.
Description             production      Front     Rear      Spare
DS 19 and ID 19         -- sept '65     165-400x  155-400x  155-400x
Break                   -- sept '65     165-400x  165-400x  165-400x
All models Except;      sept '65 --     180HR-15  155HR-15
  DSuper(5),DS21,DS23                   180HR-15  165HR-15
  Break                                 180HR-15  180HR-15
  DS21 inj, DS23 inj                    185HR-15  185HR-15