This page describes the characteristics of the hydropneumatic spheres on the Citroën ID/DS models. Depending on the application of the sphere a different pressure is used (and for suspension spheres a different shock absorber is used).

Below you will find the sphere pressures as used for the ID/DS models. Sphere pressures apply to red and green hydraulic fluid models.

Sphere pressure for ID/DS dividable spheres
Sphere Pressure Low Pressure High Identification
Front sphere all models 59 -15 59 +5 Blue ring
Berline rear 26 -10 26 +2 none
Break rear 37 -10 37 +2 yellow ring
High pressure storage with power steering 65 -10 65 +5 none
High pressure storage without power steering 45 -15 45 +5 none

Sphere pressure for welded (CX) spheres
Sphere type Pressure Low Pressure High
Front sphere 75 -20 75 +3
Berline rear 35 -10 35 +2
Break rear 40 -10 40 +2

There are two other ways to identify a sphere normally, by looking at the type of shock-absorber used, or by looking for a stamped pressure figure on top of the sphere.