On this page some of the available printed information of the HY van.

Below a selection of the documentation that I find usefull to identify a HY (type and model year) as well as documentation helpfull for repairing the HY. Brochures, instruction manuals and repair manuals can often be found at Citroen events.

General Documentation:

HY book image Le type H Citroen
French by Fabien Sabates and Wouter Jansen, ISBN 2-7072-0194-4, 175 pages full colour
HY book image HY Brochures
Brochures by Citroen detailing the characteristics per model year
NOTE:The displayed brochures are from the Netherlands 1958 and 1970.
HY book image Instruction manuals
Instruction manuals are printed for each modelyear
NOTE:The displayed manual is from the Netherlands 1976.

Technical Documentation:

HY book image L'expert Automobile Citroen H
French by Publi-expert , December 1972, 202 pages Black and White.
NOTE:Difficult to obtain. The bodywork repair section in the manual is very good.
HY book image HY Repair manual
Printed by Citroen in different languages and for different models
NOTE:The displayed manual is printed for the Netherlands.
HY book image HY Parts manual
Printed by Citroen, Part manuals display exploded views of all the components
NOTE:The displayed manual is from July 1974.
Zenith book image Zenith documentation
Printed by Zenith, Characteristics, Exploded view and partlist of Zenith carburetors
Fiche technique Fiche technique Fiche technique HY1600


Gear change diagram Gear change diagram,
Make your own sticker, print 9 x 3,5 cm