Citroën TOY HY Below some pictures of an HY toy I made which is in service now for a number of years. Kids love it, especially between the age of 1 and 4. They race around in the house sitting on top as well as stuff it with all kinds of toys.
Citroën TOY HY The only breakdown during the past year is that the wooden steering pin broke and was replaced. A more solide solution would be a steel pin. The construction is based on the dimension drawing. The van has a lift off roof and a hood and rear door which can be opened. If I would make another one I would not make a hood which can be opened as it is quite vulnerable.
Citroën TOY HY


The base is of 8mm plywood. The weels are turning weels used under rolling cabinets of 7.5 cm (3 inch) diameter interconnected with a 6mm wire rod. The steering wheel is a handwheel (diameter 16cm) of a large metal turning lathe. The steering pin is a 14mm pine wooden pin. All the wooden parts are glued and when possible connected using small screws.

Citroën TOY HY


  • High 22 cm (29 steering wheel included)
  • Length 40 cm
  • Width 18 cm